Lean more about monthly GSP Report

GSP report may look complicated on first look. Check out our FAQ to understand it better.

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1. How can I check my GSP report for different date?

You can change the report dates by clicking the dates box in top left corner
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2. Why do I see profile interaction both in separate table and in summary table?

The table with profile interactions shows you how exactly users interacted with your business profile. For example how many interactions were a phone call or website visits. The summary table shows how many profile interactions you had totally.
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3. What are profile engagements? What is the difference between engagement and interaction?

Profile engagement – is one of the types of interactions, like a phone call or website visit. We count interaction as “profile engagement” when we can’t determine how exactly the user interacted with your profile, but we know that he spent a significant amount of time on the page. For example, we can’t track calls from the desktop or we can’t track clicks if a user has an Ad Blocker installed.
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4. What does unique interaction mean?

When the same user interacts with your profile multiple times (i.e calls and also visits your website) we count it only as 1 unique interaction.
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5. What does the Google/Facebook/Bing ads section show?

We often run ads on Google, Facebook and Bing to bring more traffic and leads for our customers. In this section you can see the statistics for your ad. Impressions indicate how many people saw your ad.
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6. Where are the leads in the “Leads” section coming from?

Each GSP customer has a “Get Quotes” button on his business profile page, which opens a contact form. When a user contacts you via this form you will receive an email, this lead will also appear in the “Leads” section in your GSP report.
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7. What are the listing views?

Listing views shows how many times people saw your business listing on our local sites, i.e in search results or in “Most Popular Businesses” on the home page.
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