How to read the Listings Management Online Presence Report?

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1. Why do some columns have a red exclamation mark?

The exclamation mark indicates websites which could contact you by phone or in other ways in order to verify that you own the business. For example Google always sends a postcard with verification code to all new listings.
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2. What are GPS Navigation Directories?

GPS Navigation Directories are software used by different auto manufacturers in the car navigation systems. It’s very important that your business information is correct there to make sure your clients will arrive at the correct place.
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3. Why does the “Site/Directory” column don’t alway have a link to my profile page?

Some directories don’t provide direct links to business profile pages, but you can find them via search on the directory’s website.
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4. What are “Data Aggregators”?

Data aggregators are large local business data gathering companies that source and distribute business name, address, and phone number data to local online directories and location-based service providers like search engines, review, and social media sites.

5. What should I do if my address or contact information changed?

Please send your new address and contact details to our digital department – and we will make sure that all your business listings, across the internet, were updated.